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Na­t­u­ral white su­gar

The su­gar beet for this refined su­gar grows on the fer­tile soils of Eu­rope and is found main­ly in Ger­man-speak­ing coun­tries. Its qual­i­ty is based on the years of ex­pe­ri­ence from Eu­ro­pean farm­ers and the beet- to- su­gar pro­cess is sub­ject to a strict qual­i­ty con­trol sys­tem.

Na­t­u­ral gol­d­en cane su­gar

This su­gar is pro­duced sim­p­ly from the sweet juice of su­gar cane and once the cane is cul­ti­vat­ed, it fea­tures a strong brown colour and a caramel-like fla­vor. Our su­gar cane orig­i­nates from the French Re­u­nion Is­land, lo­cat­ed in the In­dian Ocean. The pro­cess, from cul­ti­va­tion to the fin­ished prod­uct, is sub­ject to a strict qual­i­ty con­trol pro­ce­dure.

Or­gan­ic su­gar

The or­gan­ic beet su­gar is en­vi­ron­men­tal sus­tain­able, is said to have a bet­ter taste and is GMO-free. A bio dist­inc­tive mark on the pack­ag­ing helps the con­sumer rec­og­nize that there is "re­al or­gan­ic" prod­uct in­side. Im­port­ed or­gan­ic su­gar from South Amer­i­ca is not what all con­sumers’ de­sire, as it is not cli­mate-and eco-friend­ly. In this area bio su­gar can de­liv­er cli­mate and en­vi­ron­men­tal­ly con­s­cious peo­ple, a sus­tain­able and sat­is­fac­to­ry sup­p­ly.


The Ste­via re­bau­dia­na, al­so known as sweet herb, sweet­leaf or hon­ey herb is a plant of the genus Ste­vien in the daisy fam­i­ly. The plant has been used for cen­turies for its strong sweet­ness and thus has been used as a sweet­en­er. The ad­van­tage of a com­pound of Ste­via and su­gar is in the pos­i­tive health and calo­rie prop­er­ties of Ste­via, com­bined with the fla­vor char­ac­teris­tics and tex­ture of beet su­gar. Fur­ther­more, the beet su­gar serves as a na­t­u­ral car­ri­er ma­te­rial for the ste­via and thus the com­pound can do with­out ar­ti­fi­cial fla­vors. With 1g of Su­gar & Ste­via mix­ture, you get the same sweet­ness as 4g of su­gar but at on­ly a fourth of the calo­ries! On re­quest, we would glad­ly of­fer other su­gars va­ri­eties, such as Birch su­gar among others.

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